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NANCA – National Association of Nigerian Community Austria

Who we are

NANCA is a non-profit organisation with diversity, a free democratic and social group to represent the interests of its members, irrespective of gender, religion or language.

Like in every society, NANCA’s primary goal is to unite all Nigerians in Austria, promote better relations between Nigeria and Austria, promote Nigeria’s multi-cultural heritage in Austria and to assist in the integration of Nigerians in Austria.

The aims and objectives of the association shall be as follows:

Unite & Work

  • To unite all Nigerians in Austria
  • To work together with the Nigerian Embassy and the Nigerian Government in matters concerning Nigerians and Nigeria

Act & Co-Operate

  • To act as an umbrella organisation for all Nigerian social clubs in Austria
  • To co-operate with other African Organisations in Austria in matters of mutual interest

Promote & Represent

  • To promote better image of Nigeria in Austria
  • To represent the interests of Nigerians in Austria

Assist & Promote

  • To assist members in cases of emergency
  • To promote better relations between Nigeria and Austria

Promote & Assist

  • To promote Nigeria multi-cultural heritage in Austria
  • To assist in the integration of Nigerians in Austria

Organise & Elevate

  • To organise, on a regular basis, seminars, lectures, etc. on matters relating to Nigeria and Austria
  • To elevate the standards, and assist in reducing the wants, of its members


Dance Night for Freedom
A Nigerian Celebration
Nov 1st, 2023

NANCA – founded Nov 19th, 2000

Where to find us:

NANCA Office: Margaretengürtel 76-80/6/R2, 1050 Wien

NANCA Office

Margaretengürtel 76-80/6/R2, 1050 Wien

Call us: +43 664 5802864

Write us: sg@nanca.at

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Regional Offices, Ethnic Nationals & Partners:

NANCA comprises of the following autonomous regional offices:

  • NANCA Austria (HQ Vienna)
  • NANCA Tirol
  • NANCA Salzburg
  • NANCA Linz
  • NANCA Kärnten

The following ethnic national are affiliated to NANCA:

  • Igbo Cultural Society
  • Igbo Women Association
  • Edo Community
  • Edo Women Community
  • Egbe Omo Oduduwa
  • Egbe Omo Oduduwa Women
  • Esan Community
  • Ika Community

Our Partners: